Travel Mini Umbrellas

Red compact umbrella

Mini umbrellas have become quite popular these days. Quite often used as an advertising tool or as a party favor, these compact models offer full protection from the elements but take up minimal room in a bag or briefcase. They are appealing to many people and have many different characteristics.

For instance, when choosing between compact travel umbrellas, you will need to determine what features you're looking for in particular. One of the things you'll need to decide upon is whether you're looking for one that opens and closes manually or automatically. Buying a mini umbrella that opens and closes automatically will often cost more than one that does this manually, so you may need to take into consideration the amount of items you are going to order and how this fits into your budget.

Also, the size of the fold is an important feature to consider. Many umbrellas start with a 5 inch fold and can have as big as a 12 inch fold. Again, taking into consideration your budget and the amount of folding umbrellas you need to order, you'll want to determine what size you're looking for to ensure you are choosing the right one for you.

Mini umbrellas are crafted from lightweight wood, fiberglass, plastic and metal. They come in a variety of different colors and are available in four, five, six or eight panel designs. Many times you can choose them in either a solid color or have two colors alternating between panels. If you're choosing a compact umbrella for an event, then you might want to submit a design to be printed on it. Or, if they are to be used as wedding favors, the name of the couple and the date of their wedding can be printed on them if you so desire.

Mini umbrellas are a great way to advertise your business, an important event or corporate promotions. Maybe you are just looking for a small travel umbrella that is more compact. Anyway, with so many designs and features to choose from, it's easy to find the right one for you.

Popular Compact Umbrellas

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RST Wind-Proof Umbrella (39" diameter)
This umbrella has an automatic open/close button and a 39" diameter when opened. It is not just an ordinary compact model, but a well-designed windproof umbrella made with the finest materials. Thanks to the fiber-glass ribs used instead of the standard metal frame, it can be easily flipped back to its normal shape after being inverted under the wind gust without any damage being done to the ribs.

LifeTek Premium Umbrella
This is a sturdy and stylish looking umbrella featuring the automatic open/close mechanism and an easy-to-hold handle. It has the 42" micro-weave fabric canopy with Teflon coating, and the folded length of the umbrella is 11.5". Thanks to the aluminum, fiberglass and steel components composing the frame and the shaft, it is able to efficiently resist even the strong wind. This item comes with a two-year replacement guarantee against defects.

Vumos Umbrella 35" With a Case
This umbrella is really compact and will easily fit into your purse or a glove box in your car. It comes in a waterproof case that looks more like a typical eye glasses holder which is only 7 inches in length. It weighs less than 8 ounce, and the water repelling Pongee canopy with fiberglass ribs provides the 35 inch coverage, with 40 inches above the arc making its shape deeper.

Vumos Umbrella 38" With a Case
Having all the advantages of the previous model, this umbrella has the larger 38" coverage diameter, thus providing more protection from the elements. This comes at the expense of the slightly increased 10 ounce weight, and the storage case being one inch longer.

Samsonite Flat Compact Umbrella
This umbrella is extremely lightweight - once having it in your handbag you may finally forget that it's even there. Being tiny and slim with its 9" folded length, this model can become a nice travel companion. While it's no wonder that its 37" arc is not the largest one in the class, this is an excellent emergency umbrella to have with you for the case of the unexpected rain.