Travel Windproof Umbrellas

Girl with umbrella in the field before the storm

There's almost nothing more frustrating than walking through a storm and having your umbrella turned inside-out and destroyed by a strong gust of wind. Many umbrellas experience breakage in this way, leaving their owners exposed to the elements. Thankfully, there are special windproof umbrellas that can help you in situations like this.

Windproof models are designed to be resistant to strong wind gusts. They are made with reinforced ribs that make it tougher for them to be turned inside-out in rough storms. These stronger ribs add stability to the windproof travel umbrella, helping it keep its original shape so it can continue to protect you from precipitation.

Another feature of wind resistant umbrellas is the ability to handle gusts of wind up to 55 miles per hour. With the ability to withstand this force, you can walk in more threatening weather and feel confident that you will stay dry.

Some models are designed to have a special panel added to the top of the fabric. This panel supports the canopy, helping it keep its original shape. Many people opt for this type of umbrella because the chance of it being turned inside-out during a storm is very slim. While there are no guarantees in hurricane-force winds, these umbrellas can withstand a great force on them and will not fold or buckle under its strain.

Other windproof travel umbrellas, however, are designed without the extra panel. But if turned inside-out they are able to turn back in without any damage being done to the ribs. This is a popular wind resistant umbrella as well because it looks like any other common model except for it having the ability to fix itself. To activate that feature, very often all you would need to do is touch the open/close button when it's turned inside-out and it will correct itself.

Windproof umbrellas are great for those who need to travel during stormy weather and need protection from the elements. Whether you opt for one with extra panels or if you're looking for one that can fix itself if it becomes inverted, you'll find that your windproof umbrella is an invaluable tool.

Popular Windproof Umbrellas

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Leighton Windefyer Falcon Umbrella
This model takes advantage of the unique double-rib technology preventing the fabric from tearing and keeping the umbrella safe in strong winds. And, thanks to the double canopy with fiberglass ribs it can resist winds up to 60 mph. While its 43" arc will keep you dry when it rains, it is still a compact model with its folded length 11 1/2". The item is available in different colors.

GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella
This automatic 43-inch dual canopy umbrella has 16 inches folded length and is 22 inches long when open. It has the extra-sturdy patented frame design which has proved its high wind resistance capability by being wind-tested to 55 miles per hour. This item is backed up with a lifetime warranty. All that being said, this umbrella deservedly tends to be the most popular choice among ones with windproof capabilities.

ShedRain WindPro Mini Umbrella Auto Open & Close
This umbrella is specially engineered to resist windy conditions. And it does that extremely well thanks to the vented canopy and fiberglass frame and ribs. This model opens and closes automatically, has a 43" arc and 11" length when closed.

Bodyguard Reinforced 10 Rib Umbrella
This fully automatic umbrella has 46" diameter when opened and 12" folded length. Its combined fiberglass and stainless steel 10 rib construction allows it to cope with windy conditions and continue retaining its full rain protection functionality without being damaged. The canopy is made of micro-weave fabric with the higher thread density and the Teflon coating, which brings the water resistance capabilities to new level. The convenient rubberized handle is in place as well. The lifetime guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.

Zero Grid Travel Umbrella
Having the automated opening and closing mechanism along with the waterproof fabric canopy, this umbrella can also resist up to 55 MPH wind speed, provide UV50+ sun protection, and is quite small with its 12 inch folded size. The cherry on the cake is the led flashlight built into its handle, which can be adjusted to shine in the required direction. Zero Grid was able to combine all this into the one thoroughly designed product, built to serve well in different conditions, which is backed by the lifetime money-back guarantee.